Total Body Workout at Home

Routine total body workout is a must when you want to have a lean body with well-built muscles. It takes lots of exercise on the gym using many different fitness machines. Actually, there’s one exercise machine to allow total body workout and even better, you can do it at home. That machine is a rowing machine or also known as erg machine. Just like its name, it is a machine to simulate movement of rowing the boat.

Rowing is a high intensity workout. It requires intense movement of muscles on the arms, core, and the legs. That’s the reason why it is ideal for total body workout because you can train and build various muscles simultaneously. Using rowing machine, you can do rowing training without any boat and on the dry land. This machine delivers the same muscle training as rowing and there are some models of Exercise Rowing Machines designed for home use. Those models are more compact in size and dimension that it won’t spend too much space while still deliver optimum total body workout of rowing movement.

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