Managing Arthritis by Managing Your Diet

When you have arthritis, you need to give better attention to many things because they can be the factor to make the condition better or worse. With the torturing joint pain from arthritis you must be more selective to choose the activities you want do. Cold weather is a big enemy because it can make the joint pain even more painful. Don’t forget, you will also need to give good attention to the food you consume in daily basis.

Many of us not realize this but food has crucial role in arthritis management and treatment. There are food products recommended for people with arthritis because it contains certain nutrients with benefits to improve the joint condition and reducing inflammatory. In other hand, there are some food products you need to avoid because it can worsen your arthritis. Let’s start with the good ones. Food products containing rich of omega-3 fatty acids are recommended because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The food for arthritis are including fish, flaxseed oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Other anti-inflammatory compounds found in food are including curcumin in turmeric, isoflavones in soy, flavonoid in green tea, ginger, and mushroom. Fruits are also good choice because it contains vitamin C, which has crucial role in collagen formation.

Now it’s the turn for the bad ones. The foods to avoid with arthritis or you may take it in small and limited amount are containing compounds or properties potentially able to promote joint pain. Milk contains casein and it can make inflammatory worse. Red meat is better avoided because it can cause problems in the joints. Food products that is rich of gluten is also better avoided. Gluten is associated with worsening joint pain on people with arthritis. Another one to avoid is egg with its arachidic acid. It can promote inflammatory process and make us feel swollen and sore.

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